Het speelparadijs voor kinderen

When you go out for dinner with the family, it’s important to make sure that the kids are having a good time as well. Otherwise, you as a parent wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably at the table now, would you? We understand that (dilemma) too well. This is why our little guests are welcomed to exert their energy at the KidsPlaza!

This great indoor playground is a wonderful place where the children could play undisturbed or even catch a movie at the cinema. In addition, there is also a special toddler corner where even our smallest guests can play. Furthermore, children can play various board games, try their hands on crafts/coloring and even bake cookies. The ladies of the animation team will also ensure that the children (are fully engaged in their fun as they) may (choose to) have their faces painted.

So don’t be surprised if your child, grandchild or one of your nephews or nieces are suddenly growling next to you. They didn’t eat anything wrong, they're just absorbed in their role as a tiger. It remains magical to see what a tiny bit of paint can do with a child’s imagination.

Please note:

Although the KidsPlaza is supervised by our staff, the parents/guardians of our little guests must be present at all times and are fully responsible for their children. Please do keep an eye out (for your little ones).

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